Well, I had just finished dinner at Dos Ridos in downtown Binghamton. I decided to take a walk around to look at all the  architecturally neat buildings and…


Giuseppe. He’s a swinger.

The Baron

The Baron doesn’t mess around. He found his spot and he’s sticking with it. He shall not be moved.


Hi! My name is Rosie. I find myself in very good company with David Bowie in the office of a librarian who works at a large community college…


One day I was a happy-go-lucky guy doing my thing. Next thing I know, I’m a disembodied skull hanging out with a stuffed elephant and a knitted goat…


Guinnevere had green eyes All four lady, all four


I found Vincenzo at #opened18. In the “spirit” (pun intended) of Creative Commons Licenses, I tried to modify it by adding something (in a few minutes between conference…


Joanie loves Chachi. But Chachi got lost in Niagara Falls so now her head is spinning.

Hello skull fans!

I’m starting an art project of making and distributing miniature skull-like objects, following in the footsteps of Brother O’Mara down in New Orleans. My good friend Talky Tina…